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Sun Hang Do Martial Arts offers the perfect martial arts day camp in Vancouver, BC. Our day camp is created with the goal of enriching the martial arts practices of all levels. We have students from all categories joining our day camp and having life changing experiences.
Our system is designed for everybody. We join students with the same levels as well as making sure they are grouped with similar ages. The age appropriate activities will ensure that everyone receives the exact amount of guidance and support while making sure that they are challenged and pushed to perform at their best.
The stimulating programs that we offer are delivered in a great and safe environment and monitored by our official instructors. The instructors and assistants at Sun Hang Do Martial Arts make sure that each student is carefully supervised and that they enjoy an enriching experience with comforting surroundings.
The day camp at Sun Hang Do Martial Arts includes a range of martial arts styles and levels including Tae Kwon Do with the teaching practices based on the Sun Hang Do traditions.
Our past and current students praise themselves on the progress they are able to make during the camp as they build strength physical and mentally while learning something new.
Sign up every member of your family into our day camp to get your minds and bodies moving. You will no doubt enjoy the stimulating experience and enjoy the benefits of all the fun activities we have to offer. You should also enroll your children into the day camp at Sun Hang Do Martial Arts to teach them self-discipline and the love and respect for others.

Contact Sun Hang Do Martial Arts today and find out the schedule for our next martial arts day camp.

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