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Sun Hang Do Martial Arts is the best source for effective training on mixed martial arts in Vancouver, BC.  We have created a completely unique structure that gives our students the best of both worlds. By combining the tradition that is thousands of year old with our modern system we are able to deliver a program that is designed for your success and continued growth.
Mixed martial arts have the ability to transform your life in more ways than one. The positive mental and physical development that you experience will translate to all other areas of your life.
For our men and women adult students the structured courses affect their personal and professional lives in positive ways. It’s very common for our students to experience great levels of success on their education and career paths after starting their martial arts practice.
Our category for teens is well known for transforming the lives of boys and girls during this key period in their transition. Teenagers that establish a martial arts foundation before becoming adults will become more disciplined with many benefits that help them to adjust and succeed in the real world.
When it comes to children – we create life champions. Children will have a head start in every area of their life because of the discipline they formed from martial arts.
All ages and backgrounds will experience the benefit of self defense, peak physical condition and greater control of the mind. Along with improved focus and confidence you will develop a healthy body mind and spirit.
We are sure to have the perfect program that is right for you. The programs at Sun Hang Do Martial Arts are exciting, fun and require no previous experience.  

We welcome you to come to our free course where you can learn and enjoy while you build a strong and healthier body.

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